» Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Foto Name: Leroy Jethro Gibbs
They say that the second b in Gibbs stands for bastard.
Age: Not "considerably" older than 37

PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION: Major issues with authority. In the past year alone subject has had confrontations with the FBI, CIA, DEA and just about every other Federal, Local, or foreign agency he has had contact with.

Subject also appears to be woefully out of touch with popular culture…perhaps because he elects to spend all his free time hand carving a wooden boat in his basement. **Note: How he plans on removing the twenty-five foot boat through a six and a half by three-foot door is still unclear at this time.

Subject has repeatedly shown contempt/fear of modern technology. The NCIS IT department has been forced to replace his personal workstation six times before discovering that Special Agent Gibbs was quote: "Smacking 'em to make 'em go faster."

He is intolerant of anyone who does not share his view of the world. During a recent protest outside the Norfolk Naval Base Special Agent Gibbs was overheard asking the Master-at-Arms: "Why don't you just shoot 'em?"

And yet, against all reason, authoritarian approach and penchant for bending [if not breaking] all established protocols and rules seems to instill a blind loyalty and respect in his subordinates and co-workers. He has also inexplicably won the "NCIS Special Agent of the Year" award six times in the past decade.

PERSONEL RELATIONSHIPS: Subject is by nature a loner and judging by his haircut, mannerisms, and refusal to discuss anything of a personal nature… plans on remaining one for the foreseeable future.

Each of his three marriages has ended in divorce… the third appearing to be the most contentious. **Note: Occasionally stalked by ex-wife #3 on or near their anniversary date.

Evaluee has no known friends outside of work and no known relatives. He does however appear to enjoy tormenting younger Agents…in particular Special Agent DiNozzo. His relationship with NCIS Medical Examiner Doctor "Ducky" Mallard seems to be the only one approaching clinical normalcy.

There have been numerous sightings of the subject with an attractive redhead-- relationship [if any] is unknown at this time.

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